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At the Temple

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today we went to visit a temple in Chengde. To hike to the top of the temple we had to climb 400 stairs, but since we climbed the great wall it seemed easy as pie!

Chengde is a city about an hour from the great wall; we've stayed there for the past couple days.

I've noticed a lot of interesting things about China on this trip. The Chinese love their horns, they honk them all the time and you have to bolt out of the way! Also, it was interesting how the government has control over what people can see on the internet. For example, facebook has been blocked the past couple weeks, and certain sites that would be okay in the US are blocked here.

I can see how censorship would be important, but it is so different from the US. I love China, and this trip has taught me so much about the life in a Communist country. I respect how they live, but now I know how blessed I am to live in the US.

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Changing Connections said...

Hi, Emilie,

Your comments in your post today (or yesterday?) are really provocative. No one else (and I read ALL the blogs) has mentioned what you bring to your post: censorship in a Communist country. Facebook was down as well as Twitter in US a few days ago; something to do with bloggers in Georgia and Russia. But it came back up relatively quickly. I find it fascinating that you both enjoy and respect the China experience despite Communism and can truly appreciate the blessings of living in America.

Does China's censorship make understanding a school district's censorship easier or not?

I love that you include photos in your posts. It really opens your text and gives it greater meaning, impact. Xiu xiu.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

Emilie, I love your photo. I can really see the joy on your face. My DSA China blog was down for almost the entire day today. I'm sure it wasn't censorship, but I was beginning to wonder! RESPECT - such a valuable lesson you have learned. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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