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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting (HI YA)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today was a good day. We've been at this Kung Fu school by ShaolinTemple for the past couple days. We have been learning this routine the past couple days from this guy (I'm not really sure what his name is, but I do know it means "ox" in english....but we just call him smiley cause he's so serious but when he smiles he's just a little Chinese cutie pie.)

Side note- I am NOT I repeat NOT a master at Kung Fu. Its like a cross between yoga and kickboxing with Billy the bald buff man. Both of which I had tried with more success than this endeavour.

Do's and Don'ts of Kung Fu school:

Don't smile, this is serious business.

Do pretend to know what you're doing, even if you clearly have no idea.

Don't hold back a good giggle, if you hold it in you will shake and throw off your pose's perfection. If you do, the instuctor will do one of two things: smile at you and try to helpan even when there's no saving you're lack of coordination from your brain to your limbs, oooor he will lunge at you. I have experienced both.

Do the yelling grunting noises. I prefer the "WII!!" for obvious reasons.

Don't give up, you're not thaaat bad, and if you are just stand in the back.

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Karen Wells said...

I liked the humor in today's post. Survival techniques to master the art of Kung Fu might well serve as survival techniques to survive life. Read back over them - they really will work for surviving life. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

Love your do's and don'ts--great advice. While I do not see Kung Fu in my immediate future, nevertheless, your advice is sound and funny. LOL.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

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